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Bedouin Oasis | the most unique desert experience in the United Arab Emirates

This secret haven has been designed for the discerning customer, desiring a traditional magical experience of the Arabian Desert, fused with indulgence and luxury.

The Bedouin Oasis is an authentic reproduction of Bedouin life just as it used to be. Surreal simple ambiance, it's a place for everybody where many activities can be experienced while your stay.

We at Arabian Incentive believed in a revolution of the Desert Safari, that since sometime became too commercial and a set standard format. The Bedouin Oasis is in the desert, but either then sand nothing else it has in common with all the other Desert Camps you may find in UAE.

Imagine enjoying nature, silence, peace, light glowing in the dark, stars a full moon how you've never seen it?

Self-drives, drumming sessions,horse riding, overnights, dinners, educational for kids, or DJ parties, these are just few of the several activities you can experience during your time with us.

A night to treasure forever.

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